Laura's Wishes

Laura hoped to be placed back with family but this depended on her progress with the program and contact with family throughout the placement.  It was also very important that Laura could see the risks that she had been placed at and that she understood how to manage those risks when back in her home county.

Our Approach

Laura was on strict supervision at the start of her placement and by working with staff she identified areas of interest that she would like to pursue as a career in the future.

During her time with us she built up her portfolio of abilities, she took part in an interview and she set herself achievable goals in order to reach her main goal of applying for a full-time job after she completed 17-week placement at Wilderness Experiences.  She also learned several new hobbies such as climbing, horse riding and wild swimming.

Laura's Progress

After completing 13 weeks of the program. Laura’s confidence, self-esteem and choices had improved greatly. Through a progressive risk assessment, Laura was supported and encouraged to increase the level and frequency of time Laura was able to spend in the local community unsupervised prior to returning to her home county.

The staff team working with Laura ensured she had consistent support with clear boundaries and expectations. They worked intensively with her around several areas such as positive relationships and understanding the negative effects of drugs. As her understanding grew so did her confidence and this was a rewarding result for the team around her. Laura developed new skill sets and coping strategies, which she was able to use when back in her home county

Laura moved on from  Wilderness Experiences positively after 17 weeks. Laura is now living with a family member and has been doing well ever since leaving the service in July.  She has a part-time job and has applied to do courses at college that she researched during her time with Wilderness Experiences.

Laura is a determined young lady with many positive attributes and there is no doubt she can make a real go at following her dreams and being successful.  Laura has maintained contact with the service and staff are delighted with her progress and the fact that she is now in a safer and happier place.