Our Approach

Jamie is one of the eldest of 11 children in his blended family unit, he was allowed phone contact with only his mother and his eldest sibling. No contact with younger siblings was allowed at this stage.

Risk assessments were immediately put in place to safeguard Jamie, regain confidence and keep him settled until his trial date. A period of therapy began along with socialising him in the local area.

Jamie completed a 17-week project called ‘Street League’ in Hamilton which was assisted by staff taking him to and from the location. Here he received interactive education and developed relationships with other youths on the project, he received vouchers and a certificate at the end. Jamie has also completed a basic First Aid course so he feels confident in what to do during an emergency.

Jamie's Progress

In the time that Jamie has stayed at The Stables, he has made fantastic progress with a college placement which he attends 3 full days per week learning various construction trades with a view to an apprenticeship from Easter 2017.

Jamie has also completed a block of ten driving lessons which has started him on the way to gaining his driving licence and independence.

Jamie now also has a weekend job helping out a family member with his business during large concerts held in Scotland.

Jamie has not been involved with the police during his time at The Stables and has continued on a positive pathway, with his prior court case being dropped he can now continue putting his goals in place to work towards.

The continual support from the staff at The Stables has enabled Jamie to get through his turmoil with a positive outlook for his life ahead.

Jamie left The Stables in January 2017.

This was a very worrying and uncertain time for Jamie, but utilising the positive relationships he has with the staff he is working with them and able to discuss care plans and through care to ensure he continues to make positive personal developments and continues to thrive.

Staff are helping him with plans to move to an area near to his family. Staff are helping him secure an apprenticeship placement from his college course and get him into employment ready for the next step in his life.