Beth's Arrival

When Beth arrived as an emergency child placement, she was withdrawn and frightened and did not want to open up to adults. Having been involved in a volatile adult world, Beth had forgotten how to be a little girl. She was struggling with her emotions and was unable to contextualise her experiences.

Our Crisis Intervention Service

Beth joined our Crisis Intervention service, which is an emergency child placement that provides 2 to 1 intensive emotional support for our children. Staff worked with Beth using a specialised ARCH programme of care, helping her to understand how to build trusting relationships and reassuring her that she was safe.

Through activities and alternative education such as trips to the park and spending time with animals, Beth was able to experience the freedoms and simple pleasures of childhood for the first time in many years.

How Beth Improved

Gradually Beth grew in confidence and began to feel able to open up. Staff recognised that spending time grooming and riding horses calmed and reassured Beth, and this became her favourite activity.

As Beth began to feel more at ease, staff gently helped her to understand the meaning of exploitation, and it was during an encounter with the horses that she was first able to communicate to staff some of the things she had been through. Through nurturing care and alternative education, Beth began to feel safe and happy for the first time in many years.

Beth still had a difficult journey ahead of her as she came to terms with what had happened to her. However, the relationships that she had built with staff, and the environment that had been created for her as a result of the emergency child placement, allowed her to navigate this successfully. It was a pleasure for our staff to see Beth transform from a confused and guarded young girl to a confident and happy teenager.

How Beth is Doing Now

When it came time for Beth to leave our care, staff worked to find the best possible option for her future. With our support, Beth’s mother was able to relocate so that Beth could return to live with her.

Beth is now happy and settled with her mother and in her new community. She is attending school full time, has made many friends, and is enjoying new hobbies. Most importantly, she has learnt to be a child once again, and is able to look to her future with positivity and confidence.