Wilderness Experiences is a mobile children in crisis intervention programme, providing care for children and young people who require crisis intervention services.

We do this through both planned and emergency admissions as a result of crisis intervention and prevention, supporting any child or young person who has been subject to abuse, neglect or exploitation. We also support children who may be at risk for reasons emerging from family circumstance, gang involvement, witness to serious crimes and situations which may leave them vulnerable.

Wilderness Experiences was historically registered as a ‘Mobile Provision’ for Crisis Care through Ofsted, but changed its service specification to conform with new Ofsted registration guidance in August 2017. Wilderness Experiences continues to deliver short term programmes as a children in crisis intervention programme and crisis intervention, which are available in 4/5/6 month blocks. This is now delivered through 3 ‘hub’ properties in Cumbria (The Marshes, Carleton House, Borrowdale View) which provide registration for ‘outreach homes’ spanning the whole of Cumbria. These changes have only affected the legalities of our registration, and formalised the service type of regulation, whilst enhancing our model of delivery.

Under our new registration, we will continue to provide AALA approved and licensed adventurous activities, and adventurous activities will remain fundamental to our ethos, approach and success.

Our outdoor programs, coupled with our high-intensity packages of care and home schooling, have provided countless children and young people with opportunity, skills, confidence and hope, which we are more confident than ever we can continue to deliver crisis intervention and prevention services.

We continue to be the provider of choice to Local Authority partners in what has becoming an increasingly large pool of services. We attribute this to our continued success with a population of the most vulnerable, complex children in the UK who require crisis care. For this reason, we urge anyone looking to make referrals for mobile crisis intervention to contact us as soon as possible, due to the large demand for placements with us.

In addition to our Wilderness Experiences short stay placements, we are very pleased to now offer longer term placements which benefit from the same services and activity programs as our short stay placements. These can either be extensions of short stay placements, or placements made in their own right. However, our intention of our longer-term placements is to support Local Authorities finding arrangements for permanency, whilst preparing children and young people emotionally and practically for transitions.

For reasons of security and risk mitigation we do not wish to uncover too much on this page about the geography and specific services we offer. So for any further information please contact our referral team today for a chat or to request a Statement of Purpose and Function.