The Brambles, an Ofsted registered Children’s Home, was developed to deliver residential care for children and support to those at risk of exploitation. The Brambles Children’s Home has been operating now for several years, having an evidence base of the success it has achieved. We provide children’s residential care and youth residential care from all over the UK who may require safety and security in a supportive environment.

Through our youth residential care programs, we are quickly becoming recognised as a key provider of youth residential care placements for girls aged 11-17, gaining recognition for our work from the National Working Group for CSE and LSCB partners.

Our approach to youth residential care is to ensure that every child and young person in our care can thrive and fulfil their potential in a supportive and focused environment. We deliver the highest quality residential care for children in a rural countryside environment away from distractions in a peaceful setting.

The young people and children in our care are at the centre of our residential youth programs. The young person’s voice and their involvement in decision making is the backbone of our organisation, and not only do we promote person-centred care planning, but young people influence the design and delivery of the service they receive in each of our residential centres. Participation opportunities promote resilience, confidence, employability and sets young people up ready to be tomorrow’s voters, citizens and leaders.

For reasons of security and risk mitigation, we do not wish to uncover too much on this page about the geography and specific services we offer. So for any further information please contact our referral team today for a chat or to request a Statement of Purpose and Function.

The Brambles


Staff Ratio
M / F
3 3-spaces
8 - 17