Refer a child or young person to AWW Ltd

When you refer a child, without exception this is never a journey a child or young person will go on alone, and AWW Ltd will be alongside them every step of the way. AWW has a dedicated referral manager who will receive initial enquiries, whether this be through a placement framework or a bespoke placement enquiry.

The referral manager will identify the services within AWW she feels could meet the identified needs to refer a child. Our managers will then read all referrals, considering a number of conditions and situations to ensure we can meet need and provide compatibility with other children and young people in placement.

This would typically include reviewing:
  • Current placements and their stability
  • General risk and challenges the child or young person may present
  • Our staff numbers and experience
  • The child or young person’s background and history
  • Previous placement breakdown cause and outcome
  • The child’s aspirations, wishes and views

In cases where children at risk have heightened risks or vulnerabilities, the manager will discuss and consider this with senior managers who have extensive experience and knowledge in specialist areas such as CSE, Positive Behavior Support or Additional Emotional Wellbeing Needs. We take this approach to ensure that the young person benefits from a well thought through initial plan that identifies how we can best meet the young person’s identified needs.

We have a wide range of skills and experience within our teams, which gives us the flexibility to create a team around a child which is matched in terms of gender, personality, skills, experience and background.

When we have reviewed previous situations for the child or young person we will identify key indicators that have created successes or positives in their lives. We would typically explore this in initial placement planning to try to create initial positivity, whilst exploring previous experiences that maybe didn’t go as well would have been wished. We do this to ensure that children in our services do not suffer from further placement breakdown, which we are proud to report is exceptionally rare.

We value our excellent relationships with external partners, and wherever possible we will ensure significant pre-placement planning is coordinated in a way which ensures initial placement success and stability. As we also operate crisis services, at times it may be that we have to retrospectively collate information after the start date of a child, due to the nature of the quick turnaround of the placement.

The nature of the service we provide opens us to children and young people with a wide range of complex needs, presentations and challenges, making us one of the most specialist providers nationally. We are never afraid of a challenge, looking at each child or young person as an opportunity to assist them onto the right track.

Once a refer a child is accepted, the admission process begins, and the building of the fuller picture and program continues. Searching for information is the key to ensuring that we have all the available resources to make the admission a great success.

We believe in being very honest with the child from day one of the placement, making reference to why they are placed with us and what we can do to help. We ensure all children and young people are fundamental in planning their placements with us. Placement planning and risk assessment is genuinely a live, dynamic process within our organisation, which is highly praised by regulators and Local Authorities. Unlike many providers, we have the ability to adapt to the needs of the child, creating engaging programs of activities, different living environments and different settings. This is due to the mobile nature of one of our services, and the fact we are also a licensed Outdoor and Adventurous Activity provider, licensed through AALA.

The structure of AWW management is designed in a way to ensure managers and teams stay focused on placements. We are exceptionally open with each other, highly reflective, and place a strong emphasis on getting the placement right for the child or young person. We are sure that if you have experience of AWW or you are thinking of placing with us for the first time you will be impressed from the point of your first call. Let’s make every placement a success by building an excellent trusting relationship which ensures the child or young person you are placing has the opportunity to meet their full potential.

To make a referral please call 08000 122 092 or email

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