Welcome to A Wilderness Way

AWW Ltd has developed a methodology for developing programs and plans for placement in residential children’s homes, which we refer to as ARCH. This methodology has been developed over the last ten years to ensure we are proactive in addressing significant issues in a child or young person’s life. We have developed a comprehensive set of in-house resources which are selected to meet each individual’s needs and identified risks.

Resources are further personalised according to the young person’s age and circumstances. For example a child moving into supported or independent children’s residential homes after leaving AWW will need to work through resources relevant to the context of their point in that journey. Respectfully we accept and acknowledge where the individual has come from and the path that has lead to AWW.

We won’t lecture to an individual that ‘smoking is bad for them’ for example, we accept it is likely they already know that. However if we can help an individual understand where the stress comes from which is leading them to smoke, we find they will then feel differently and may feel that the smoking is something they want to tackle.

Our ARCH approach purposefully creates opportunities through our internal 28 day rolling program of education. ARCH (CSE resources), as well as being outdoors and participation, form the building blocks for all children and young people to take the next step to ensuring their future safety and wellbeing and developing their understanding of the world.

Why A Wilderness Way?

  • A nationally recognised service offering support to the most vulnerable children in the country.
  • Our experienced teams are all respected highly by external partners, and benefit from some of the most tailored training in the sector.
  • We strive to be the best we can, with a proven track record to succeed, bringing stability to children and young people’s lives.
  • We offer placements at a realistic price and find a solution that best meets the child's needs, supporting local authorities with placements.

Our Success Stories

"I’m enjoying going to college and learning all the trades in practical classes. I enjoy bricklaying the best. I have always wanted to be able to drive and A Wilderness Way have allowed me to take 10 lessons to get me started"

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